What is a Socially Conscious Body?

Martha Eddy gives a lecture on this question at Hampshire College in February of 2013.  The YouTube link is below.

The video information reads, “Martha Eddy, RSMT, CMA, Ed.D., founder and director of the Center for Kinesthetic Education (CKE), brings to the fields of health, wellness and education, her strong belief in the power of movement and somatic-awareness to enhance lives.”

She brings together many threads of somatic awareness, movement, art and and talks about the terms she coined, “somaction,” which she describes as using our somatic awareness in a way to support building community.  She also reflects on the connection between movement and behavior.  She also asserts that art and movement practices can help schools become more peaceful places, as a powerful force for violence prevention.  Dance is especially powerful, as it brings together the benefits of both body movement and art.  This is an hour-long talk, covering many ideas from a unique perspective.

Questions to consider further might be:

What is somatic dance? How do somatics, dance, art, education and health come together?

You can learn more about Martha Eddy at these links:



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