Prezi on Movement and Learning

Prezi CaptureI was excited – and nervous – to present about movement in the classroom to the staff in my school.  We moved and did moving activities during the presentation, and I created a Prezi presentation as well, to add visual and text components.  I ended up with much, much more material then I needed – perhaps I’ll use other parts of the Prezi at other times, in other ways.

Since it was an opportunity to sum up much of what I’ve learned so far about movement in the classroom, I’m sharing it with you, here.  I started out wanting to find the “best” movement for classroom use – what gives us the most benefits, is the most research-based, gives us the best return on our time and energy invested?  Ultimately, I realized, the best movement for your classroom is whatever works best for you, with your personality, your unique students, what your students need right now, and what your goals are for them right now.   Teachers need a variety of options and tools that they can use in ways that are best for them and their students.

Here is my first attempt at defining a range of options for teachers, as well as offering a context for thinking about each approach.  I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments you may have – Click the link below to see the Prezi.

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