What do learners’ bodies have to do with their learning?  What are current body-focused innovations in education? How effective are body-focused approaches in a real-world third-grade classroom?

Guided by these key questions, I’ve set a challenge for myself and my classroom.  Over the next months, I’ll learn about different body-focused approaches, such as:

  • Instructional methods that integrate kinesthetic arts (dance/movement, drama and/or sculpture)
  • Integrating students’ somatic experience in learning, in an effort to build resiliency and enhance perception
  • Experiences with movement disciplines (such as yoga, qigong, ballet, or creative movement) as an integrated “bonus” in students’ school-day experience

My students and I will look for ways to try them in my classroom, and I’ll report back to you our results.  Check back soon for reviews and reflections on books and DVDs related to the key questions above, as well as reports on some real-world applications.

If you have explored any of these approaches, or have ideas or comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Below you can find a detailed account of the resources (books, DVDs) I’m exploring to learn more about body-focused innovations in elementary education.  Visit the “Welcome!” and “About Me” pages to learn more about this blog and its purpose.

  • Perhaps this record may help you find an avenue you may wish to pursue further for your own and your students’ learning.
  • I’m hopeful that this journey will  also help me develop a list of guiding principles that apply to many body-focused approaches to teaching and learning.  
  • For a more concise list of guiding principles I’ve discovered so far, visit the “Guiding Principles and Good Ideas” page.

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